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Getting Started

It would be great if you would like to come and train with us. Hereís a few details about what to expect and about what you will need to do to help ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Before Joining us on the Mats

Before you join us on the mats, we need you to download our Introduction Pack and complete some key forms. For adults, these are the Application Form, Martial Arts Contract and Pre-participation Questionnaire, and you can download the Introduction Pack by clicking on the link below:

Introduction Pack for Adults

For juniors, parents/guaridans need to complete and sign the Application Form and Martial Arts Contract in the Introduction Pack that you can download here:

Introduction Pack for Juniors

Filling them out before arriving at the dojo will certainly save time, but you will need to have your signature witnessed by a member of the dojo when you arrive. Also, there are a few hard copies of the Introduction Packs available at the dojo in case you arenít able to download them beforehand.

Together with your temporary annual membership payment (adults) or term payment (juniors), these forms will help ensure that you are covered by our basic insurance. In over 30 years of training at Aikido Kenkyukai dojos, weíve never had a serious injury. However, as with any physical activity, the risk of injury cannot be eliminated. By completing the forms, you are acknowledging the inherent risks involved in participating in a martial art.

The First Few Weeks

Also enclosed as part of the Introduction Packs are some information documents for you to keep and read, including the Aikido Kenkyukai NSW Incorporated Code of Conduct (for adults), the Martial Arts Industry Association Instructorsí Code of Ethics (which binds all our accredited instructors), and the Aikido Instruction Introductory Notes which tells you about our organisation and what to expect in an Aikido class.

You will need to take the time to read these documents over the first few weeks of your training, but here are a few tips and requests to get you started:

  • Please arrive at the dojo approximately 15 minutes before the class is due to begin so that you can be dressed and ready to help set up the dojo.
  • Please be clean and tidy in your dress and personal presentation.
  • As soon as you are dressed and ready, ask an instructor or senior student what can be done to help prepare the dojo for training.
  • Donít lie down or lounge on the mats and donít sit with your feet pointing towards the shomen.
  • Train with enthusiasm, energy and respect for every other person in the dojo.
  • Once you have committed to training with us, we would appreciate if you could let us know if you canít make it to a session you would normally attend.

The First Few Months

For the first few months, new students will be trained in the basic skills and techniques needed to study Aikido on a long-term basis. While participating with more experienced students as part of a general class, they will receive individual attention from the instructor.

Classes will contain a variety of teaching styles and activities, including:

  • demonstration and practice of the basic physical skills,
  • demonstration of techniques,
  • instruction and practice of techniques,
  • discussions of etiquette and terminology, and
  • warm ups and warm downs to minimise the risk of injury and to maximise the benefits of the practice.

After the first half dozen classes, participants will know some of the terms used in Aikido and will be able to perform a number of techniques. Participants will know how to roll and fall without injuring themselves, and will have a better understanding of what Aikido is Ö and is not. They will then be in a position to decide if they wish to continue their study of Aikido for the longer term.